How it Works

The objective of most of the game modes is to accumulate the most amount of points possible.
It is possible to gain and lose points in multiple ways, and the quantity gained/lost depends on the game mode being played.

The Golden Rules

“Aim at the BLOB closest to you”
“When you tag an opponent his armor will start flashing”
“If he’s flashing he can’t shoot you and you can’t shoot him”
“If your armor emits a sound, check your display.”

The Armor

It is made up of a light (weighing only 1,8kg) and ergonomic material (genuine leather).

It has 6 bright and interactive bulbs (BLOBs). Each bulb can have various different colors (green, red, blue, yellow) based on your team or the various game modes.

When you are tagged, the tagged bulb will become white, vibrating and flashing with the rest of your bulbs for 4 seconds. During these 4 seconds, you will be deactivated; you will not be able to shoot, or be shot at.

The central speaker on the armor delivers realistic sounds during the game for a more immersive experience.

The Rifle

Is made up of a light and resistant material, weighing only 2kg.

It has 2 triggers, one in the front (that has to always be pressed down) and one in the back (that's used to shoot).

The laser beam is very accurate, allowing to target and hit the desired bulb even at distance.

There is a 7th bulb on the front of the rifle, which allows the opponent to be targetable even if his armor is hidden.

For more information on the tipe of laser used, visit:

The Display

Uses OLED technology and is mounted in the middle of the rifle, allowing you to always have a visual on what's happening during the game.

It allows the immediate and updated visualization of your following values: Energy, Ammunition, Credits, Lives, Points and Rank. The two central lines will show the name of your character and your armor number, together with who you tag, who tags you, and the super powers acquired (and their duration).


The Game Enhancement Modules are the strong point of this laser system.

They are spread out in the arena and interact with players giving them super powers, weapons, ammunition, or removing points depending on the various game modes.

Be careful however, because when a G.E.M detects you, you have 3 seconds to shoot it and deactivate it, otherwise it will hit you instead.

G.E.M.s can also become bases to conquer or headquarters to defend.


Are the virtual currency of this game, they are obtained by tagging opponents and can be used to earn rewards from the G.E.M.s .

The rewards can be weapons such as the Automatic Rifle (Rapid Fire), Rocket Launcher (Mega Power), or Shotgun (Nebulizer). Otherwise they can be used to obtain extra ammunition, energy, or lives.